Unlimited PlatformL'Atelier Mode is proud to partner with Unlimited, the newest multimedia podcast platform to focus entirely  on sharing the stories of inspiring Middle Eastern women to engage, inspire, and drive growth. Through its podcasts Unlimited share unique stories and points of view from mothers, businesswomen and cultural figures. Its current series include:


  •   Groundbreakinggroundbreaking, which hosts the most prominent women from the Arab world who will inspire us with their journey towards success, without holding back on the challenges they faced along the way
  • Perspective   Perspectives, which provides women with a platform to share their life stories and perspective, while paving a path for others to follow. 
  • Footbaths   Footpaths, which provides thought-out advice to help its listeners achieve their goals in life, their career, and mindset.


Across these series, Unlimited sits in conversation with experts to promote meaningful discussion focusing on entrepreneurship, health and wellbeing, and education and culture. 

The Founders

Unlimited is the brainchild of Daniela Rossi and her business partner Nicoletta Danieli. Their 40 years of combined experience in the business, retail and consultancy world, living and working across Europe, Australia, Far East and Middle East, developed in Daniela and Nicoletta the desire to build something meaningful, inspiring and fulfilling: a platform dedicated to all like minded women that crossed their paths along the way and to connect with all mothers and women out there in search for inspiration and support.

Our Involvement

L'Atelier ModeL'Atelier Mode's partnership with Unlimited is just part of what we are doing to support Middle Eastern women, including mothers and businesswomen, while also supporting and showcasing talent from the Middle East.  As part of this partnership, those who subscribe to Unlimited receive a discount on all items at L'Atelier Mode. Please go to www.un-limited.me and subscribe to the podcasts that interest you to benefit from this offer. You can also listen and subscribe via Spotify.

Unlimited releases new content weekly and at L'Atelier Mode we are committed to sharing this content. As a result, you will find links to Unlimited's latest podcasts on our social media platforms and in our customer newsletter. Have a question about this partnership? Please contact care@lateliermode.com or/and connect@un-limited.me