Top Sneaker Trends for 2020

Top Sneaker Trends for 2020


Every year trends come and go, but we're confident that the sneaker trends for 2020 might just stick around for a little longer as they look to the past and lean towards timeless. 

Gucci women sneakers



From classic to cool contemporary, we're ready to embrace this year's trends. Are you?

Reinventing the classic

Classic, sporty silhouettes are getting an overhaul this year. Puma has upped the ante on its basketball sneakers with this new style featuring pastel paneling and a chunky, playful lace reminiscent of a ribbon. Similarly, Gucci has tweaked classic high tops with a subtle logo pattern across the sides of its high-top sneakers, delivering a minimal finish for those label aficionados. Shop the look: 

 Puma Basket Heart Leather Sneakers      Gucci women's fabric leather pink sneakers

Puma Basket Heart Leather Sneakers         Gucci Leather Sneakers 


Back to the 60s

Over the years there's been a turn towards colorful or plain white rubber soles on sneakers, but 2020 continues the trend back towards raw rubber soles. More than ever fashionistas are embracing the nostalgia of the tan sole, which is a signature of some of the favored vintage styles from the 1960s from brands like Converse. This is a trend that we can see sticking around for a while yet. Shop the look: 

New Balance women suede sneakers

New Balance Suede Sneakers 


Pop Art and patches

Another trend that's come and gone over the years is our love of Warhol, but it's back in tune for 2020 in the form of playful embellishments on otherwise classic sneaker styles. These Love Moschino sneakers are traditional lace-ups with fabric patches inspired by Pop Art, like those you might have pinned on your backpack once upon a time back in high school. Shop the look: 

Love Moschino women leather sneakers

Love Moschino Leather Sneakers 


White sneakers have always been a controversial choice because of how quickly they can dirty – one scuff and the look’s ruined. But it seems we’re getting more careful as, for 2020, we're embracing all-white, most likely because chunky white sneakers are easy to pair with almost anything, from dresses to jeans. Why not add a versatile edge to your wardrobe this year with a pair? Shop the look:Laura Biagiotti white fabric sneakers

 Laura Biagiotti White Fabric Sneakers  


The next time you find that you’re asking yourself what sneakers to buy, look no further than these must-have sneaker trends for 2020, which we’re confident will take you through to next year too.

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