In conversation with... Lebanese fashion designer Christian Abdallah, The Edit

In conversation with... Lebanese fashion designer Christian Abdallah

Fashion designer Christian Abdallah Despite only being on the scene for five years, Lebanese couture designer Christian Abdallah is making waves, and has already successfully opened two ateliers – one in Sarba in 2017 and the second in his hometown of Zgharta, in northern Lebanon, in 2019.

These physical spaces allow the designer to be in proximity to and get to know his regular clients, which is crucial for couture.

However, Abdallah wasn't always a fashion designer. Before he pursued his passion for clothing design, he spent his time in the desert designing structures, working as an engineer. "I never imagined that I would change the path and pursue my passion for haute couture, but I had voracious energy to create," says Abdallah. Yet each of his couture creations continue to nod to his past career, with their bold, structured silhouettes and faultless attention to detail.

Fashion designer Christian Abdallah         Fashion designer Christian Abdallah

At L’Atelier Mode, when speaking to designers, we are always interested to know where it all started. For many, it’s at school or while traveling, but in Abdallah’s case, it was in the home. He credits his first-ever dress to a pair of silk curtains, which he "took down and transformed" into a dress after falling in love with the texture. "I can still feel it in my hands as if it was right here," he says.

Much of Abdallah's work is about the power of seduction: "My designs are for the fearless woman that wants to celebrate life. She's confident, powerful, generous, and, because of that, beautiful."

Fashion designer Christian Abdallah


These characteristics are present in all of Abdallah's creations, including his Fall/Winter 2019 collection, "Victorious", which he showcased at Milan Fashion Week. The collection features show-stopping dresses that, as with all the designer's work, show just enough. To continue the theme of female empowerment, Abdallah embellished the dresses with antique medals, some of which feature a lion, which “represent achievement and victory.” When asked to summarise the collection, the designer described it as "European elegance with a warm, oriental edge." 


It is Abdallah's recent Milan showcase that has put him on the international stage. "Milan was a dream come true" he said, adding: "The exposure and appreciation of my art was overwhelming - I was embraced with open arms." He now hopes that his new-found success will continue with shows in other fashion capitals in the future. Nevertheless, for now, you can explore Abdallah’s latest collection on Instagram @ChristianAbdallahCouture or visit the atelier to see it in the flesh.

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