Timeless designer shoes and bags that will elevate your look

Timeless designer shoes and bags that will elevate your look

If you are not worried about the latest trends but want to stay stylish, the best thing you can do is to buy timeless pieces that will stay current for years to come. What this essentially means is not buying anything that is going to date quickly, such as items featuring seasonal prints or slogans.

Here our buyers have put together a selection of timeless designer shoes and designer bags that will stay current for years to come thanks to their classic style.

Buyer picks: Must-have shoes 

  1. Made in Italy Classic Leather Pumps

MADE IN ITALY WOMEN LEATHER SUMMER PUMPEvery girl needs a classic pair of black pumps – they are perfect for work, play and special occasions. These heels from Made in Italy are affordable and easy to pair with virtually any outfit. And if you do want to up the ante, you could even pick up the same par in red or brown.

  1. U.S. Polo White Trainers

 U.S. Polo White TrainersClassic white trainers are a must-have, especially for the summer months. This style of trainer has remained popular since the 1960s, and they are easy to customise with some colour block or printed laces if you tire of all-white.  

  1. Laura Biagiotti Studded Flats

 Laura Biagiotti Studded FlatsTan and gold studs are a match made in heaven, and they never go out of style. These Laura Biagiotti flats are cushioned, sturdy, and versatile; wear them around the house, out shopping, or to the beach. 

Buyer picks: Must-have designer bags 

  1. Coach Black Leather Handbag

Coach Black Leather HandbagJust like owning a pair of black leather pumps, it is essential you own a classic black bag. This boxy bag from Coach has enough room for all your essentials and some, plus it boasts a sturdy handle and subtle textured detailing for added interest. 


  1. Love Moschino Studded Backpack

 Love Moschino Studded BackpackBlack and gold studs never go out of style. This Love Moschino backpack boasts a classic silhouette that you can pair with jeans and a T-shirt or a day dress. This bag is even small enough to use as a carry-on when flying, for those spontaneous weekends away.



  1. Gucci Textured Leather Crossbody Bag

 Gucci Textured Leather Crossbody BagMost dresses are void of pockets, which is why it is crucial you have a stylish crossbody or clutch bag for those evening adventures. This minimal leather bag from Gucci comes in black, red, and pastel blue. You can even remove the bag’s chain and use it as a clutch bag if you want to.

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