In conversation with Jewellery designer Nada Ghazal

As we welcome renowned Middle Eastern jewelry designer Nada Ghazal to L’Atelier Mode, we sat down with the award-winning designer to find out more about her background and fine jewelry practice.

Ana Nicolaie: My favorite Spring/Summer 2020 trends
It doesn’t take much to feel uncomfortable and irritable when it’s hot and sticky outside, which is why it’s so important to shop smart for the summer and spring  months, Ana Nicolaie shares with L'Atelier Mode
Timeless designer shoes and bags that will elevate your look
Timeless designer shoes and bags that will elevate your look. If you are not worried about the latest trends but want to stay stylish, the best thing you can do is to buy timeless pieces that will stay current for years to come. 
In conversation with... Lebanese fashion designer Christian Abdallah
Despite only being on the scene for five years, Lebanese couture designer Christian Abdallah is making waves and has already successfully opened his own atelier in Sarba, Lebanon.
Comfortable high heels? Here’s what to look for...
"Fashion is pain" used to be the motto of many a fashionista, but not anymore. leading luxury labels are creating high heels that are comfortable enough to wear all day and still look great.
In conversation with… fashion designer Lara Abi Haidar
At L’Atelier Mode we get to sit down with some wonderfully talented people working in the fashion industry, and most recently that was fashion designer Lara Abi Haidar.
How to be sustainable with your fashion choices? Ana Nicolaie shares
How to be sustainable with your fashion choices? Top Model, TV Host Ana Nicolaie shares
Popular handbag designers you should know

Handbags are the one accessory that we simply can’t get enough of, and while there are many designers out there, we’ve got a few firm favorites you can’t afford to miss. 

Best men's shoes to wear with shorts
Whether you’re preparing for summer or you’re in the midst of a heatwave year-round, you need shoes to pair with your shorts that are not only on-trend but also comfortable.
Best travel shoulder bags for women
The best travel shoulder bags require space and style in equal measures, which isn’t always easy to find. That’s why we’ve put together an edit of spacious, on-trend shoulder bags that are perfect whether you’re visiting family or jetting off overseas for a well-earned vacation.
10 Women's Designer Brands to Know

There are literally thousands of fashion brands out there, but some will go down in fashion history while others with dissipate into the ether. Here's our edit of the top 10 women's designer brands to know right now. 

What shoes should I wear with an abaya?

Deciding on what shoes to wear depends on what you want your outfit to do. Some shoes have an air of professionalism while others appear playful. The shoes you choose will determine the impression you make, so choose wisely.

Top Sneaker Trends for 2020

Every year trends come and go, but we're confident that the sneaker trends for 2020 might just stick around for a little longer as they look to the past and lean towards timeless.